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Habashwe is a platform for those who share the love of Africa

Habashwe's Frequently Asked Questions

Habashwe is designed to empower the lovers of the African continent and provide a space dedicated to this community.

Our vision is to connect people throughout the world to the experiences that only the African continent and all its diverse countries can bring.

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Your Profile

Your profile is your Habashwe den. Here you can edit your profile image, the background feature image as well as check our all your draft and published journals, wish lists and see the map of all the places you’ve travelled based on your journal entries.


Habashwe is about community and that's why we've created this platform that allows you to document your incredible African travel experiences and share them with the world. 

Your journal is your canvas to paint with whichever brush you feel does your experience justice. Add photos, videos, words and more to showcase that piece of Africa which strikes that chord in your heart.

Click here to add your first entry.


The dashboard is the home for the journals, people, places and tags that we recommend to you. It’s your daily Habashwe bread.


The explore page highlights all the information that you’d need on a certain location by the journal entries, places, spaces and things to do in those areas as well as other bits of pertinent information that we think you should know.


Here is the home for all the journal entries to be viewed as they come in. We don’t you to miss a beat, so Chronicles allows you to experience the Habashwe community in real time.

Wish List

Ever read an article or loved a photograph so much and thought “I’d love to do that!” But when it comes time to plan your next African adventure you forget all about it?

Wish list provides the opportunity for you and your friends to connect and collaborate through the amazing community submissions, so that next time it comes to getting your travel plans in order, you at least know where to begin!

Challenges – coming soon 

The Trip Planner – coming soon

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Adding & Editing Journals

How do I add journals?

To add your first entry to Habashwe is simple. Click the "Add Journal" text at the top right of your screen and start sharing your experiences.

Do I have to add a journal title?

Yes. Your title will determine how people will come to find your entry.

Do I have to add a location?

Yes. The location of your entry connects your experience to Africa. So it is very important to have one.

How do I edit journals?

When you load journals that you have either already published or have been previously working on as a draft, simply go back into that same journal from your profile page and you can start editing.

Alternatively, load the journal's URL and the top right menu's "Add Journal" text will become an "Edit Journal". Click on that and you'll be able to edit the journal right away.

How to I edit the text?

To edit the text within a journal entry, simply highlight the text you'd like to edit and a menu will appear that will allow you to edit the text size, positioning, underline, make italic and more.

How to I change images sizes?

To change the size of the image, simply click on the image in edit journal mode, highlighting the edges of the journal in blue. If you move the edges away or towards the image, the image's size will adjust accordingly. 

When you are happy with the size, click on the journal to discontinue editing the image.

How do I add video?

To add a video, simply click on the video icon on the text editor or the icon bar that appears below the text. Add the URL of that video's location on YouTube and the video will appear on the journal.

How do I save journals to edit later?

Journals auto-save, so you don't have to worry about saving. Simply ensure that the autosave pop-up appears on the right hand-side of your screen and you can close your journal to edit later.

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Online Security

How do I keep my account secure?

Most important here is to keep your password safe. Don't leave in notes on your phone, computer or desk or any other place where people could easily see it. Rather than saving your passwords in a file, it is recommended to use tools that were specifically developed to save and protect your passwords

How do I keep my password strong?

First of all, it is recommended to use unique passwords for each of your important accounts. The key to a strong password is using a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols in your password and to not use any personal information or common words.

Report abuse

At Habashwe, we value everyone’s right to privacy and work to ensure that community members are free from spam and abuse.

If you would like to flag anything for our attention please contact us here: [email protected]

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